Friday, February 12, 2010

In Honor of Valentine's Day: Why I Love Tri

For the last week, TNT has been posting "Why I Love Running" entries on our website, so today I have decided it's my turn to post my own. Here, then, in easy to read list form, is "Why I Love Tri:"

  • Early Morning Workouts in the Dead of Winter: You know those days when you're like "oh, it's not as cold as they said it was going to be today!" Actually, it was that cold 6am. And now I get to spend the rest of the day feeling tough (and frostbitten).
  • Running on the East River: The baffling presence of fisherman from 23rd-14th streets, practitioners of tai chi and backwards running under the FDR by the Manhattan Bridge, bewildered tourists at the Seaport.
  • Running Tights on NYC Subways: Because you don't know funny looks until you ride the subway in skin-tight spandex. And because with that post-run sweat, it's the only time you'll find your own space on a crowded train.
  • Making friends with people in your lane at group swim training and immediately forgetting who they are in the locker room when you no longer have a swim cap and goggles covering your face, then awkwardly re-meeting again. Twice as many friends!
  • Cookies: See. Want. Eat.
  • Bike Shorts: Indispensible on the bike. Irrefutably comical on the walk from bike to subway.
  • Bike Shoes: Ditto.
  • BRick Workouts: Have you ever ridden a horse? Have you ever tried to walk after getting off that horse? Imagine that feeling but say you had been on that horse for 2 hours and then someone said go run a few miles.
  • Sculling: What it is - A swim drill in which you stick your head in the water, place a pull buoy between your knees, keep your elbows out and use only your wrists and hands to get you across the pool. What it looks like - A desperate attempt to will oneself across the pool has failed miserably and the individual has stuck her head in the water while her but breaks the surface. In other words: cute.
  • Cookies: See. Want. Eat More.

In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm asking everyone to please make a donation to my site and if you feel so inclined, leave a message there about what silly fitness endeavor you love.

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