Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Joe Kleinerman 10K with a Pair of Kleins

Before a recap of the week's workouts, I should backtrack to mention an awesome race I did on 12/6. The race by itself isn't particularly noteworthy: 10k around Central Park. What made it amazing, was that my mom and stepdad ran the race as well. What made it even more amazing was their decision to do it with Team In Training, raising $500+ each for the cause.

We met at the start line at 7:30am, all of us tugging at our purple tees to ensure they fit over multiple layers of warm clothes. I'd like to think I made my Jewish parents especially proud that day by completing my look with a santa hat.

I raced solo at my own pace to the soundtrack of "merry christmas" comments from fellow runners (coming out sometimes as a grunt, sometimes as an excited shriek, depending on their levels of exhaustion). At the finish, I turned around and doubled back along the course to shout words of encouragement to Sari (racing her first 10k!) and to run my mom and George to the finish line. By the time I reached them, they were moving at a fantastic pace and were still sporting smiles!

This marks the third race I've done with my mom (well, fourth if you count the Advil Mini Marathon - more accurately a few miles - we did when I was in middle school), and second with my stepdad, and the very first time we've all done one together.

I couldn't be more proud!

Adorable, no?

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Jessie B. R. said...

Oh my gosh. Adorable, yes!!! Your fam is amazing!